The first thing I do when I wake up every morning is to pinch myself. Not all of the girls who used to work for the same escorts in London agency as I have been as lucky when it comes to finding love. If it was not for Tony, I think that I would still have been single. It is really hard to find a good relationship when you have worked for a London escorts service and I really do consider myself as having been very lucky.

Tony and I met at a club in London. It was rather a posh club, and I was there on a date with the rest of the girls from our London escorts agency. The best way to describe it was as a massive party girl date, one of those dates that only elite London escorts agencies can pull off. Tony was one of the guys who was considered worthy of receiving the attention of London escorts, but that was not really what happened.

Instead of trying to chat Tony up, I ended up sitting with him on a sofa and chatting. Really I should point out that Tony had a broken foot at the time, and was not really in the mood for partying with a bunch of wild girls from London escorts. Instead he and I ended up watching the crazy horseplay by friends from London escorts. By the end of the evening, we were really good friends and we both knew that we wanted to see more of each other.

One of the advantages of meeting this way, way ,was that I did not have to explain to Tony what I did for a living. He clearly realised that I worked for a London escrots agency. But, he also realised that I was a bit fed up with London escorts, and ready to move on. When it came to say goodnight, I really did not want to. Tony told me that there was no need to say goodnight, and invited me home to his place instead. Let me put it this way, I have been there ever since.

I really don’t know why I so willingly gave up we everything for Tony. There was just something really special about him. Today, Tony and I have a great life together. I have changed a lot and become a real travel junkie like Tony. I love nothing better than packing a bag and taking off somewhere. We are married, and we do travel a lot. Like Tony says there is no point in staying in London when my legs look so great in short skirts. I guess that is something that I got from working at London escorts. It is okay, and from what I can tell, Tony does not seem to mind my short skirts and tight t-shirt tops. Well, you can’t change everything overnight. Little by little works better for me.

Escorts In London Love Story
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